Great By Choice
Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck -- Why Some Thrive Despite Them All
Authors: Jim Collins , Morten Hansen 
Publication: Random house UK
Pages: 304
Weight: 607 Gm
Binding: Hard Cover
ISBN13: 9781847940889

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Summary of the Book
In Great By Choice, the authors seek to give the readers an uplifting book that can help them be great leaders and build lasting enterprises, even in the most unstable of environments.

In Great By Choice, the thought-provoking sequel to Jim Collins’ Good To Great, the authors, Collins and Hansen, come together to dissect the dynamics of companies that surprisingly thrive even amidst chaos and uncertainty.

The book details the principles that can help build and sustain a successful, robust enterprise. The strategies outlined in the book are highly pertinent in the fast-paced twenty-first century, one that is highly unpredictable and often marked by political and socioeconomic turmoils.

The authors introduce and explain a variety of innovative, yet practical concepts that defy conventional wisdom. Some of these concepts include the 10Xers, the SMac recipe, Zoom Out, Then Zoom In, Fire bullets then Cannonballs, Leading Above the Death Line, and the 20 Mile March.
The book is filled with interesting stories of several pioneer companies that scaled dizzying heights and set new standards for success in their respective industries. These companies are termed ‘10X companies’ in the book as they surpassed their industry indexes by as many as ten times in a span of 15 years—years marked by extremely rapid and unpredictable changes.

The book also builds comparisons between these successful enterprises and other enterprises that failed to manifest success in similar, trying circumstances.

It is backed by 9 years of solid research and in-depth analysis, both of which have thrown up numerous surprising results. For example, it was revealed that the best leaders were not really more creative, farsighted, or risk-taking than their unsuccessful counterparts. Instead, they were more paranoid, more disciplined, and more open to experimentation than the second group.

In the final chapter, Collins and Hansen systematically explore the role played by luck in making or breaking the fortunes of a company.
The authors use a data-driven approach to build a solid case to prove that greatness is not a matter of chance, but one of choice, even in an uncertain, tumultuous world.
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