Triumph Over Breast Cancer
Odysseys of 23 Phenomental Women
Authors: Laleh Busheri 
Category: Health, Informative
Publication: Adhyyan Publications
Pages: 271
Weight: 500 Gm
Binding: Hard Cover
ISBN13: 9789387502611

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Summary of the Book
The alarming rise in the incidence of Breast cancer which is the number one cancer in Indian population remains one of the most significant medical concerns. Women from all socio-economic strata of the Indian society are getting affected by this cancer. Approximately 1.5 lakh new breast cancer cases are detected every year. Lack of awareness, late stage detection and poor medical treatment outcomes are significant contributors to the mortality associated with the disease. Prashanti Cancer Care Mission (PCCM)is a non-profit NGO established in 1996, that provides free or affordable diagnosis, medical treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy), patient support and rehabilitation to hundreds of cancer patients and their families.

To fulfill the need for a dedicated breast unit in the city of Pune, PCCM has established Orchids Breast Health Clinic which has become a ‘Center of Affordable Excellence for Breast Care’.Over the decade, PCCM and OBHC has had the privilege of serving 30 thousand women annually in Pune and its surroundings through prevention campaigns, awareness talks, diagnostics, procedures , surgery , chemotherapy, genetic counseling and rehabilitation. PCCM has also established a Centre for Translational Cancer Research Training and Education to undertake Breast cancer research in the Indian context. During my 10 years as CEO of PCCM, I was able to have deep and intimate interactions with breast cancer patients. It was apparent that many disease affected women had virtually none or poor awareness about the disease prior to their diagnosis. This is perhaps identified as the single most important reason for breast cancer mortality.

It is not often that women share their personal challenges in public for the benefit of others. With an intention to raise awareness about breast cancer, we decided to embark on detailing the battlesand triumphs of breast cancer patients who were treated at PCCM. The book, titled “Triumph Over Breast Cancer – Odysseys of Phenomenal Women ” is my heartfelt recording of the private chronicles of 23 women who successfully faced and overcome, what could well be the biggest health challenge of their lives. In each of the stories, there is phenomenal learning from the mistakes and experiences of each of these women who come from different backgrounds. These stories also reveal themes about increasing awareness, providing correct information about diagnosis and treatment protocols and gold standards of surgery including the importance of breast conservation and oncoplasty. I am grateful to these extraordinary women who agreed to let me share their experiences for the benefit of society. It is easy to identify with these stories because they are regular women who could be a part of anyone’s friends circle and family.

What is not ordinary is the exceptional manner in which each of these women drew strength and power from within themselves and their surroundings, to finally emerge victorious in their battles with the deadly disease. Based on these personal journeys of breast cancer conquerors, it is our hope that this book will serve as a guiding beacon to all women. Furthermore, this book will be inspirational not only for patients and their caregivers, but also formotivating the men and women who will find renewed enthusiasm in their lives after reading these rare narratives. Care providers can better achieve overall patient wellness by using incidents in these stories as patient motivation techniques. The awareness created by this book will perhaps help sensitizing the society about early detection of breast cancer.
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