पहिले पाऊल
Pages: 140
Weight: 198 Gm
Binding: Paperback

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Summary of the Book
हिमालयात पहिल्यांदा गेलेल्या युवकाने हिमालयात केलेल्या प्रवासाचे वर्णन यात आहे. त्यात भोवतालच्या निसर्गसौंदर्याच्या वर्णनासोबत प्रवासातील बारकावे, तिथली माणसं, तिथल्या चालीरीती, आलेले थरारक अनुभव लेखकाने कथन केले आहेत. यूथ हॉस्टेलच्या संगतीने केलेल्या या सफरीचे वर्णन वाचनीय आहे. सरपासच्या मार्गक्रमणेच्या एकेका टप्प्यात आलेल्या अनुभवांवर एकेक प्रकरण बेतले आहे. साध्यासोप्या शब्दांत आणि शैलीत आपल्या गिर्यारोहण मोहिमेचा सांगितलेला हा रिपोर्ताज आहे.
Book Review
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श्रेयस पेठे
04 Oct 2020 05 30 AM

पंकज ने खूप साध्या शब्दात अनुभव कथन केले आहे, सर्वांसाठी हे पुस्तक वाचनीय आहे , माझ्या आई बाबांनी सुद्धा आवडीने वाचले पुस्तक!!
Nitin Joshi

Pustak lihinyacha Pankaj cha pahilach praytna asala tari ekandarit bhasha, khumasdar varnan ani madhech vishayala anusarun yenar gambhirya agadi sundartene hatalal aahe. Me swataha pustak eka baithakitach vachun kadhala ani aksharshaha cinema pahtoi asa anubhav aala. Aankhi ek, he pustak kuthlayahi vayogatala aavdel he nischit……pudhchya praytna karta manapasun shubhechcha
Sanyogeeta barve

Khupach chan lihila ahe. Pudhe kay ajun asel ya vichar ani pustak thevava vatat nai. Pravas varnan khupach chan ani saglya ajubajuchye varnan tar ajun ch khup sundar. Asach ajun lihit ja...mhanje amhala chan chan vachayla milel tya thikani na jatahi..
Manas Raskar

The book is all about the journey they all had , the journey is full of excitement and it was described so well that it makes you feel like you were there while they all were trekking, its a third person story well narrated and described well. The book is all about tragedy and suspense tho it is based on traveling still it hold our breathe , about what is going to be the next.

पुस्तक वाचून माका हिमालयात जाऊन इल्या सारख्या वाटला . असोच जगाचा प्रवास करीत रवा .

सुंदर मराठी शब्द सामर्थ्य योग्य वाक्यरचना जणू काही सर्व प्रवास आपल्या डोळ्यासमोरच घडत आहे याची अनुभूती येते
Nandkumar Kulkarni

The flow of words you used are very smooth and fantastic. Every minute details has been mentioned in the book. Since I have done this trek in 2016, while reading the book, I was feeling as if I am trekking once again. We were 5 friends in my group from Pune. After Chandigarh, you can feel difference in the atmosphere, indication that you are nearing to the Himalayas. You mentioned about the Doctor’s Certificate which is nothing but formality. I liked the sentence “MALA MOTH VAYACH NAVHT PAN ME LAHAN RAHILO NAVTO. When you start trek on the third day and when fellow trekkers encourage you by clapping both the side and we walk in between, we feel that we are HERO. The Organizing team of YHAI is very organized and they do not require to ask anything. Everything is at place when you reach to the day’s destination. The food and other facilities of YHAI and that too, within a reasonable cost, is really gift to the Trekker. It is unfortunate that while your returning, you and your friends met with an accident.
Avinash Jadhav

Excellent. Every trekker must read this book.
06 Mar 2018 05 30 AM

Amazing experience.. I was also a part of this journey n am feeling more happy to be with writer pankaj. The way he has narrated the whole journey is full of thrill and it literally gave goosebumps.. Thanx pankaj...best wishes to you and your book..
06 Feb 2018 05 30 AM

Emhhh !!!! What to say. It is clear cut thriller, entertaining and adventurous Movie in “written form”. Being a team mate, co travellers of this wonderful journey with this group was my lifetime experience. It was a test of every individuals in new atmosphere, people, climate and most importantly the worst situations like storm and Accident 😰. We never used to these conditions. At least now readers will experience our team experiences alone and feel like they was also a co-travellers with us. Pankaj had used his extraordinary writing skills, as a result simple situations also has a very different angles which earlier not known. Name of book itself says “Pahile Paul” which means the things which you have not done till now, it’s a time for that. Go through it and surprisingly one day you will also be writer like him, who knows? Best Luck 👍🏻
Vishal Suryawanshi
06 Feb 2018 05 30 AM

Hello Everyone, I was co-traveller in journey on which this book in based.. this book is complete picture of our journey an also many my friends and relatives has experienced our journey via this book, book has also taught me to look beyond travelling, Writing of Pankaj is very crisp and witty. Some point it make us look inside and also some point it ask ask to go outdoor and Experience Life. in short words, If I wish to travel again journey we had, I open this book and travel again!
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