आठवणींच्या निखाऱ्यावर
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Poet has covered almost all the moments in his lifes journey... Just from the innocent lovestory... With a hertbreak and moving on... The perfect use of words to express feelings... Hats off...keep it going so that we enjoy more such poems...!!!
Rahul gawande

Nice poem book...
Arbaj Saiyyad

One of the best Poems... Awesome book .... Nice book Prtik.... ,,👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Atharv wackchuare

Awesome book...keep it up pratik...
Vishal P Nehe

Great book...... heart touching...keep it up...
Chaitanya Deshmukh
05 Oct 2019 05 30 AM

Pratik tu jya kavita lihilyas tya khup sadhya ani sundar shabdat mandalelya priyakaranchya bhavana jannarya ahet. Ya kavita vachun anek aathwani jagya hotayet. Ekhadya manat goshti thevnaryachya pan manala tu vacha fodali aahes.....Bro osm collection...keep it up...
Tushar Ugale
05 Sep 2019 05 30 AM

What A wonderful book. One of the best poems I have read.Nice Pratik carry on👍
Rupali ambre
05 Aug 2019 05 30 AM

Great awesome book...outstanding...really heart touching...keep it up pratik
Hande Rohit Mohan
05 Aug 2019 05 30 AM

Dhanshreee Raut
05 Aug 2019 05 30 AM

The book is so good . Everyone should read it.The poems are so good and it shows the true feelings..
Rahul Rupwate
05 Jul 2019 05 30 AM

Words expressed in poetry are words that speak from the heart ...Nice Pratik ....keep it up....
05 Jul 2019 05 30 AM

The content of the book really touches the heart . Pratik keep it up and best wishes for coming poems !
Amol Shinde- Satara
05 Jul 2019 05 30 AM

Best Marathi Sad Poems Collection....Keep it up pratik...
05 Jul 2019 05 30 AM

प्रतिकचे हे पुस्तक वाचून पुन्हा मनात एकदा आठवणी ना एक उजाळा दिला.मनात पुन्हा एकदा प्रेमाच्या हालचाली होउ लागल्या आणि प्रियेच्या आठवणीत पुन्हा एकदा मन रमुन गेले.प्रतिक च्या या काव्याला लाख लाख शुभेच्छा.अत्यंत उत्कृष्ट रित्या काव्याची रचना केली आहे.
Akshay Rajendra Phale
05 Jul 2019 05 30 AM

Kadak book Apartim shabdrachana ani sarv goshtinch knowledge aslele Likhan. taruny vayatil mulanchya manala bhedtil ase vichar .#swapn Pari
Mayur Thorat
05 Jul 2019 05 30 AM

Great Pratik awsome book. What you are doing in your age is really appericiable along with technical education. Coming from too much backward area and showing such skills is truely trimindious.Keep it up. All the best.Best is yet to come.
05 Jul 2019 05 30 AM

Awwwwwwwww how sweet!!!! really good poem... i enjoyed it.... great job Pratik!
05 Jun 2019 05 30 AM

Poet reflects feelings through his heart♥️ Touching poems, expressed beautifully. Thank you publisher for giving chance to our town mate. Nice opportunity for him to show his talent.
Samruddhi Chhajed
05 Jun 2019 05 30 AM

Nice poems. Great work. Absolutely touching poems, felt nice after going through it. Worth purchasing 👌
Saurabh Phadnis
05 Jun 2019 05 30 AM

This book is so amazing to read... Each 1 should definetly read this book... 🔥🔥✔✔.....poems r small but Sweat....!!
Dhanraj Nehe
05 Jun 2019 05 30 AM

It is one of the best collection of thought that are comes through poems...for a poet they have there own world of imagination..it is one of the piece of that imagination...
Pratik Hande
05 Jun 2019 05 30 AM

मनाला भिडणाऱ्या आणि तर कधी डोळ्यात पाणी आणणाऱ्या अशा ह्या कविता आहेत..... मन सुन्न करणाऱ्या तर कधी विचार करायला लावणाऱ्या अशा ह्या कविता..... सर्वांनी जरूर वाचावे असे हे पुस्तक..... कवी आणि प्रकाशकांचे आभार....
Sujit supekar
05 Jun 2019 05 30 AM

Thanks pratik for such a mind blowing poetry
Shared Pawar
05 Jun 2019 05 30 AM

Khup chan kavita....
Swapnil jagtap
05 Jun 2019 05 30 AM

A Love Story, by Pratik sahane, is a collection of poetry dedicated to exploring the beautiful cruelties of love. The collection details a man’s journey from first falling in love to finally letting go. Each poem is succinct and illustrates the possessiveness love...thanking to Varada Publishers and team...
Rushikesh Nehe
05 May 2019 05 30 AM

It is one of the nice poem book...heart touching poem are in this book ...thanks for varada prakashan to publish this type of poem book ...
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