नग्नसत्य: बलात्काराच्या वास्तवाचा अंतर्वेध
Pages: 316
Weight: 367 Gm
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 9789381636015

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Summary of the Book
स्त्री शरीरावरील अतिशय घृणास्पद व टोकाच्या अत्याचाराचा 'बलात्कार' हा एकच पैलू मी उचलला होता, त्यामुळे कथांमध्ये तोचतोचपणा तर येणार नाही याची मला सतत धास्ती होती. त्यासाठीही काळाचे संदर्भ, बदलतं समाज जीवन व त्यातही ठाण मांडून बसलेला अत्याचाराचा भाग याची गुंफण करणं शक्य झालं.

ज्या सामाजिक संबंधांच्या मुशीत बलात्कार घडताहेत, त्या सामाजिक संबंधांचा संदर्भ घेतल्याशिवाय बलात्काराचं धगधगतं वास्तव आपल्याला उलगडणार नाही, हे नक्की. म्हणूनच एका व्यापक सामाजिक संदर्भात हा प्रश्न मी मांडण्याचा प्रयत्न केला आहे. - मुक्ता मनोहर
Book Review
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Santosh Patil
10 Feb 2013 05 30 AM

The worst book I ever read. Nobody should read such a 'Bakwas' book which is misleading. She has misinterpreted the reasons behind rape. There is no any word about male dominance or patriarchal culture which has caused this problem. As stated on backside cover it doesn't speaks about how and when the culture of rape arose. She has treated the serious issue in kidding manner. How can anybody give justice to such a serious issue by just putting the stories of rape cases and meaningless logs with the Rape. If wars, weapons and developing market are the causes behind rape, what about the emasculation of women brought about by our culture and religion/religious books. What about our patriarchal culture. And one more shocking that publication like Manoviaksa has entertained it. Also the binding of book is very faulty. The copy I'm having is very funnily bounded. Overall its total waste of money. Don't go on its title & description. Not a single star it deserves. Better way read A H Salunkhe or Sandhya Nare Pawar
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