shivdharma gatha
shicdharma gatha
Author: Jagdish Patil 
Category: Novel
Publication: Aarsh Publications
Pages: 232
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 9788193983072

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Summary of the Book
Shivdharma Gatha is the outcome of the collective wisdom of eminent scholars and intellectuals. it is an intiative by the Shivdharma Sansad to free the Bahujans from the explotation in the name of religion. Shivdharma Gatha aspires toreclain the original egalitarian legacy of the Bahujans, the Shiva tradition, which has suffered the invasions and assaults of the foreign forces during its journey of thousands of years. The great Shiva tradition and its principles remained intact in the lifestyle of the Bahujans but in a distarted form. Removing these distartions is a challenging task as they have been systematically planted into the minds of the people. The Gatha intiates the process of dialogue with the purpose to awaken the Bahujans and encourage their participation in revving the original, Unpolluted stream of their cultural life.
       The Shiv-tattva is a comprehensive philosophy that believes in the happiness and welfare of all. It is a power to awaken all to their own potential and support them for self-actualization. It is a principle of life that connects human beings not only with each other but also with the rest of the world of the living as well as non-living beings. The concept Shiva stands for anything great, sublime, just and humane in life. It is a realization of all inner powers. This Shiv-tattva is the only foundation of the Shivdharma. That is why Shiv-tattva is synonymous to Shivdharma.
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A very well thought out and well written
Prof. Bhagwat Patil

Firstly, Many congratulations to Hon. Dr. Jagdish Patil Sir for providing such a delicious brain-storming academic feast in the form of a novel, "Shivdharma Gatha". The 232 pages novel reflects the socio-cultural concerns. It also contemplate philosophical/ religious concepts. For the purpose of convenience, Dr. Patil has divided it into chapters/parts. It is a glorification of history indeed.

Shiwaji Maharaj is our national idol of maratha history.Maharaj is a hero for all times.The book is about is the inspiring history of the Maharaj.,very useful to new time generation.Must read the book to know about.
Manohar Dinkar Tayade

The novel is marvelous and splendid piece of translated work from the source language and it is only possible because of the author who remains always a devotee of Shiv Dharma.This book will be remain a torch bearer document to show the genuine and virtuous path for the upcoming generation of the time. Any author of the book always expects that his book will be beneficial for the people of society and undoubtedly with this purpose the book would be a milestone in the history of reformation because it helps individuals across the world to lead a genuine and pure life offered by religion from the ancient ages. I congratulate to Dr. Jagdish Patil sir from the bottom of my heart having such a great literary piece for the enlightenment of the society....thanks sir
Rajendra Raghunath Rajput

It is really wonderful book which can be proved life changing. It is must read and should be in the personal library
Jyoti Shikhare

English edition useful for new generation 👌
Dr. Eknath Patil

This is a unique book celebrating Hindu religion written on orthodoxical dogma. The author of the novel, Dr. Jagdish Patil, is a devotee of the 'Shivdharma'. That is why, he could transliterate this 'Gatha' beyond the seven seas. It is recommended for those readers/followers or lovers of the Shiv Dharma who strongly believe in socio-cultural ideology & humanism and strive to nurture human values in the society. Indeed, it is one of the best novels and choicest blossoms in the garden of shivdharma /religion.
Hemant Devidas Salunke

Shivtattva is a power to awaken all to their own potential and support them to self actualization...... excellent work
Dr anil patil

It is a very readable book, congratulations to Dr. Jagdish Patil They should continue to do the same
Sushila Martale

Excellent work
Mrs. Manisha Jagdish patil

Very good book. Everyone should read it
Dr. Hansraj Madhukar Patil

Very nice book. It is a motivation for new generation.
Nandkishor Sonawane

It's a need of time to understand the place and importance of the religion in human life.... just after reading the summary of the book I am convinced and assured that this book can fullfill the hunger of the mind of any reader about What Dharma is ? and it's place and importance in life........the best understand Shivdharma.
Dr. Dhiraj K Chouhan

It's a unique book in the sense that it celebrates religion with spirit of rationality minus the miracles and the like like events proposed by the other such books. Numerous books are written with Religion as a base but this one supersedes the said lot with a constant impetus to a scientific temperament and cultural values. It was a satisfying read and engrossing religiously. Recommended for those who who believe in humanity and nurturing human values; and wish to spread love and harmony in the society.
Kamalakar Patil

Very excellent ..

Nice book
Sandip B Patil

Great book to read.A must read one
Ankita Gade

It is not only religious book but also an inspirable book .
Dr. Rupali Patil

It is the best religious book which discovers permanent and everlasting source of energy. Everyone should read it.
Anil Tukaram Kadam

Excellent Book
Amruta Janjire

The writer, Dr Patil is a true follower of the Shivdharma. He has written the gatha so beautifully respecting all the religious aspects. The chapters will take you back to the Era and help you understand the period so beautifully n vividly. A must read,directly from one of the followers himself.
Prajakta Patil

Excellent book with great moral values👍
Satish Patil

The translation of the book is very nice. It seems that this book was written in English.
Govind Martale

Excellent book
Priyanka Patil

Must read.... I couldn’t put the book down....
Sayali Patil

Excellent book
Pallavi Patil

Very nicely explain the detail of Shiv darm
Suresh Chaudhari

It is the best religious book, it is a realizetion of all inner power. Shiv-tattva is explained in it.
Rahul Malode

Best Novel Book
Dr.Sonali Patil

Excellent book with lots of moral values
Uday Madhukar Patil

Very good*****
Dr.Tejal Patil

Must read book…👍🏻
Kushal patil

Best religious book ( Shivdharma ), which will solve many problems in our life.🙏🙏✌
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