Consciousness Is All There Is [Set of 3 Books]
Consciousness Writes , Consciousness Speaks , Consciousness Strikes
Authors: Ramesh S. Balsekar 
Publication: Zen Publications
Pages: 780
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 9789382788782

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Summary of the Book
Following titles are included in this set:

1. Consciousness Writes

Can Spiritual Understandingbe imparted through lettersIt’s a long-distance love affair.The Master is in Mumbai, most of his disciples thousands of miles away. The Teaching deals with Advaita, or non-duality. And as the Teaching gently seeps deeper, doubts and questions sprout; and often, the only way the disciple can seek guidance from the Master is through mail.The correspondence that flows is truly remarkable since it is both subjective and objective, unique and universal, personal and impersonal.To the disciple the correspondence may denote letters from one individual to another. For the Master, they are merely words emanating from Consciousness to Consciousness.Consciousness Writes offers you the fragrance of Advaitic teaching and a rare glimpse into the Master-disciple relationship – enveloped in the warmth of intimacy and the sparkle of Ramesh’s wit.

2. Consciousness Speaks

Is Spiritual Understanding something apart from daily living? Not according to Ramesh Balsekar’s teaching. He says, “Spiritual understanding brings with it a wonderful sense of harmony, a lack of tension and a sense of freedom in daily living.” As a retired bank president, golfer and family man, Ramesh doesn’t fit the stereotype of an Indian guru... Yet, his background and education combine with his Understanding to make him a Master who is an ideal bridge between east and west, between the spiritual and material.

3. Consciousness Strikes

The abhangas, the spontaneo us outpourings of a keen devotee, offer the very core of advaita. For centuries, the abhangas have served as succinct and direct pointers to Reality.The format of the abhanga is simple, easy to understand: a few lines dealing with a particular aspect of the Understanding, followed by a forceful summation akin to an arrow that embeds itself in the heart, circumventing the intellect. In some cases, the abhanga bursts forth when the arrow finds its mark. Shirish S. Murthy’s Consciousness Strikes presents, in the abhanga format, the quintessence of the advaitic teachings of a contemporary Sage.
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