Swarajya and Samrajya
A compelling story of the epic Maratha quest for Independence and Empire (1627 – 1818)
Author: Kiran Ketkar 
Category: Historical
Pages: 345
Weight: 350 Gm
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 9789392803024
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Summary of the Book
A compelling story of the epic Maratha quest for Independence and Empire (1627 – 1818)
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This book Swarajya and Samrajya by Kiran Ketkar is a wonderful detail account of the Maratha history. The ups and downs, the rise to heights and then the unfortunate fall of the grest empire has been elaborated in great detail and explained with the flourish of an accomplished author. The details of people, dates and incidents across a time period of 191 years from Shivaji's birth in Shivneri in 1627 to the battle of Koregaon in 1818 when the British East India Company took over Peshwa territories is a remarkable story of bravery, treachery, wins and defeats. The details of dates and incidents chronicled in the book deserve commendation. This book is a great reference book for lovers of history and covers details of Maratha history which has not been covered in books of Indian history taught in schools since India's independence in 1947.
B Majumdar

Really enjoyed reading a narrative of part of Indian history about which I knew little about. We've all heard of and rejoice in Shivaji's exploits, but I wasn't aware of his history-changing role in setting up the Maratha Empire which ruled large swathes of the sub-continent. Until I read Kiran Ketkar's assiduously researched book which is written in a style many readers will find attractive, as I did. Not just educational and informative, but entertaining and fascinating as well. A good read!
Pramod Kulkarni

I enjoyed the concise nature of the history of the Maratha empire. I also appreciate Kiran’s concepts of swarajya and samrajya. Also, this history is neither fictionalized nor romanticized.
Pawan Bassi

The author has done painstaking research to write this reader-friendly account of Marathas' valiant history in the context of India's fight against foreign rulers. It 0ffers a very fascinating account of the ground realities over almost two centuries when the Mughals, the Portuguese, the French and the British were jostling to take control over India from different corners of the country. The book is a very objective narration of the significant role that the Marathas played in keeping these invaders on their toes via conventional battles as well as by forging opportunistic alliances. The book is truly a page-turner and would appeal to all readers looking for a deeper dive into this important era of Indian history. Congratulations to the author Kiran Ketkar for a job well-done.
Vilas Hingne

The book brings out in the first part how Chhatrapati Shivaji realized his vision and how he empowered ordinary people. In the second half one is fascinated how events lead to Peshwas spreading this flame under the Chhatrapati's benevolent support and reach the nook and corner of India with a power center in Maharashtra. All this is described in a very detailed and easy-to-follow yet objective way.
10 Sep 2022 05 30 AM

Recently I read thebook written by Kiran Ketkar as "Swarajya and Samrajya". As there are now good no of original as well translated books around this subject but this book has edge over them in the 21st Century. It has ease of understanding as it refers to the currently known Cities and towns of earswhile Bharat as well famous historical landmarks known as tourist destinations now.He has created chapters by places than pedagogical naration by Rulers or time periods. The language is simple and the reader can easily relate to the palce mentioned like Delhi, Agra ,Raigad etc.Congratulation to Kiran Ketkar and translated versions in other language will be icing on such well written TREATISE for current generation.
Deodutta Ketkar

Recently had an opportunity to read a wonderful book "Swarajya and Samrajya" written by shri.Kiran Ketkar.I am myself a humble reader of the Maratha history .There are scores of books depicting the life and times of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj- factual accounts ,plays and historical novels. This book captures perfectly the essence and indomitable spirit of the Marathas in their quest for independence from foreign invaders and rulers.The author has laid out sequentially and chronologically the period from the birth of Shivaji Maharaj to the end of maratha empire.Not too many readers know in detail about revival of the empire following the trauma of Panipat.The author has described with clarity the alliances of convenience and the oblique intentions as the british footprint in India grew rapidly.One cannot fail to notice the study,research and diligence in writing the book.All in all a great read for those who have the Maratha history close to their hearts. Congratulations to the author for a fine book.
Sanjay Vinze

I knew very little of this period of history and what I knew was in bits and pieces. When I browsed thru the book, found it quite fascinating. I actually read the entire book over the next couple days with rapt attention and am glad I finally got to know this entire history so nicely pieced together sequentially. I am glad the facts have been laid out without much commentary because it presents a more unbiased account.
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