Say Cheese..!
A Guide to Oral Health - Awareness & Prevention
Author: Dr. Bhakti Datar 
Pages: 248
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 9789386625366

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Summary of the Book
‘Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache!’ writes Mae West. Many may still dare to self-pack a tooth hole at home, many may apply ice when they are not supposed to… why?

Not planning a dental check-up at regular pace, little does he know that he owes a few exercises to his face!

Let us know the at-home oral care, the norms and standards, the do’s and don’ts in a holistic story of our teeth. Let us listen to the commands and demands by their fellow-organs too! Let us all rise together to form a healthy community.

Disease-free mouth is indeed an ‘Investment’. Remember, don’t abuse it. ‘Teeth’ are precious and ‘Smile’ is a distinct human power!

- Dr. Bhakti Datar
Book Review
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Pallavi Bhide
05 Jul 2020 05 30 AM

The book is very informative, has simple language and all age groups can read it. I recommend everyone to read it! Excellent book!!!
Sheetal Paranjape

Excellent book on oral health n hygiene for all age groups. Medical terms are well explained in simple english for common people.

Excellent Book! Keep it up Mavshi!
Poorna Dhananjay

'Say cheese' is an interesting read indeed! The writing is lucid which makes scientific information very simple to comprehend. The incorporation of amazing facts and quiz at the end of every chapter keep the reader actively engaged and the beautiful illustrations definitely serve as value addition to this very articulately written book. It is a one of its kind book on Oral health and a must have for every home!
Dr. Gauri Inamdar

Excellent book. Very informative book for all age groups. Simple Language. Interesting Content. One of very few books related to dental health for common people. Must Buy!
Ramesh Joshi

Excellent book!
Aarohee Kulkarni

The book is fantastic. It elaborates all the micro elements to be considered for a healthy smile and overall health. Oral wellbeing is directly related to foetus growth.... this was a big surprise for me. Thanks a lot Dr. Bhakti for this value added guide.
Prema Railkar

Very well written very informative. Must buy !
Shruti Bedekar

Despite having 2 sons, I was ignorant about some intricate aspects of their oral hygiene. The elder one developed decay, for which I had to visit the dentist a couple of times. But now, this book has been an eye-opener for me. As a hospital administrator, I have purchased 50 copies of this book to gift all our patients and their families.
Deepak Nulkar
03 Dec 2020 05 30 AM

Excellent book! A reference guide for all ages. My 9th grader granddaughter enjoyed the book and found it as useful as me.
Kedar Paranjape
03 Dec 2020 05 30 AM

Very articulately written guide to oral health. Has covered many practical aspects pertaining to daily life. Commend the author for writing the book in English, will ensure a wider reach, especially among the young generation.
Dr Devdutt Hemgude
03 Nov 2020 05 30 AM

Very nice book. I being a dentist myself would definitely recommend my patients to read it. Truly a complete family dentist book...worth. a read
Dr Mahaveer Modi
03 Nov 2020 05 30 AM

I read this book. I found is book very intricately written covering all topics comprehensively useful for all ages in society...and a healthy society....
Dr Mehal Shah
03 Nov 2020 05 30 AM

Very useful book for common man. A must read for all
03 Nov 2020 05 30 AM

Very helpful and useful too
Seena Dixit
03 Oct 2020 05 30 AM

Very informative n useful book on oral hygiene. A must read for all age groups. Language is also so simple that any one can understand easily. Good addition to book collection for every family.
Jitendra Gokhale
03 Oct 2020 05 30 AM

I really wish we had such a book to read in our hey days. A lucidly written book on Dental Hygiene, as they say 'Prevention is better than cure', it is cheap and more effective. The book caters for people at all stages. In fact very important for the ladies to read as it also throws light into what care will help the offspring. So right from pre natal stage there are things that help ensuring good dental health. A must read not only by the Aam Admi, but by Doctors in particularly Gynaecologist's as well.
Aditya Kelkar
03 Oct 2020 05 30 AM

Excellent informative book.... one the first ones ... congratulations to Dr Bhakti
Ashay Dixit
03 Oct 2020 05 30 AM

A fun and informative book highlighting the importance of Oral Health. Suitable for all age groups. A must read!
03 Oct 2020 05 30 AM

The book is truly amazing. It has taken into account many aspects of overall oral health hygiene . The book is also highly useful for all medical and dental students.
Vaishnavi Thombre
03 Oct 2020 05 30 AM

Great book. Especially liked the tips on improving our daily routine like Tiffin's etc. Also, anecdotes by authors are fun and informative to read.
03 Oct 2020 05 30 AM

Excellent book! Very important aspect of health covered in an approachable and relatable way. The photographs and illustrations are the cherries on the icing.
03 Oct 2020 05 30 AM

MUST READ for a better quality of life and a healthier smile. Author succeeds in covering ALL aspects of oral health- from the smallest home tips to the most advanced medical procedures- in a lucid and eloquent manner One regrets having been so negligent about a tremendously important aspect of general health- oral health- all this while. Def recommend!
vaishali kondhalkar
03 Oct 2020 05 30 AM

Very nicely written book. All comprehensive material for good oral Care. A must read for all.
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