अधर्म युध्द
Pages: 247
Weight: 273 Gm
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 9788174344496

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Summary of the Book
सौदी अरेबियाने जुंदाल या दहशतवाद्यास भारताच्या ताब्यात दिले. दिल्ली पोलिसांनी अटक करून कोठडीत ठेवले. तेव्हापासून पुन्हा एकदा दहशतवाद्यांच्या कारवायांबाबतच्या बातम्यांचे पेव फुटले आहे. दहशतवाद्यांच्या विविध कारवायांवर प्रकाश टाकण्यात येत आहे.

या दहशतवाद्यांना इस्लाम धर्माचे लेबल चिकटविण्यात आलेले आहे. या धार्मिक (इस्लामी) दहशवाद्यांचा उगम कसा झाला, हे ज्यांना जाणून घ्यायचे असेल त्यांनी पत्रकार गिरीश कुबेर यांचे 'अधर्म युध्द' पुस्तक वाचायलाच हवे. आज निर्माण झालेल्या इस्लामी दहशतवाद्यांच्या जागतिक भस्मासूराचे जनकत्व अमेरिकेकडे कसे जाते, हे कुबेर यांनी या पुस्तकातून स्पष्टपणे उलगडून दाखविले आहे.
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Balaji Parsewar

Thought-provoking book written by Girish Kuber on global terrorism & its evolution.Content of this book ensures that you should come out of your day to day life & think about entire world. This is the real success of the book. Book nicely explains evolution of terrorism & how it became global headache today. Book successfully carried out RCA (Root Cause Analysis) of the issue of global terrorism. Book also explained how superpowers used smaller countries like Afghanistan & fueled terrorism for their own interest. We need more content like this in Marathi language. Innovation in Marathi content is the need of the hour. Mere translation of English content is not sufficient. We need relevance also. Thanks Girish Kuber for enriching us with such a different subject. Keep writing & keep enriching us.
Amol Marathe
05 Dec 2015 05 30 AM

This book takes you through the early stages of terrorism, early stages of contamination of the concept called Dharma. Author discusses some terrible facts which aren't usually put forward. It is highly recommended to the people interested to know about Islamic terrorism. Thanks to Girish Kuber for his contribution in marathi literature

The concept of Islamic terrorism had created for the benefit of one of the capitalist country. Now, the whole World is suffering from consequences of it. And the most interesting thing out of it is that all capitalist countries togetherly are not able to control it. Everyone must read this book to know, how America is hampering the growth of other developing countries and what is their intension behind it.
Bhshan Pawar
05 May 2013 05 30 AM

Very good Book.
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