बखर ह्रदयरोगाची
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सुंदर पुस्तक. ओघवत्या भाषेमुळे अजिबात न कंटाळता विषय समजतो. एक नवीनच विश्व उलगडले जाते.
Poonam Namjoshi
07 Jan 2021 05 30 AM

Appreciate the authors for their hard work and research, also their Art of Story telling The book beautifully brings out the contribution medical science and research in cardiac care. A heavy topic expressed in lucid language. Sometime somethings touches you very deep in the heart. Thanks Dr. Pathare and Dr. Malshe
Mukund Mate
07 Jan 2021 05 30 AM

Well written book that tells about great contributions made by doctors cum researchers in heart care. The language is simple, lucid and flowing. Unique book.Title could have been different. Congratulations to authors.
Asawari Bhide

Very well written. The authors have taken enough care to ensure that such a technical topic is handled adeptly. The story-telling form of writing is also good, since it shares the experiences instead of just stating the facts. As a lay-man not from the world of medicine, we are able to understand the details thus. Also the various examples cited from India, Egypt, paints a good picture. Overall a very good and lucid read. Recommended.
Vaijayanti Sathaye

Very well written. Like the flow of language and the manner in which a heavy and serious subject like heart disease is handled and explained. The reader gets an insight of the hard work and the hardships of the great physicians and surgeons. Also the history regarding the contributions made by ancient civilizations of the world like India, Egypt etc. In all a good reading.

हॄदयरोग, हॄदयशस्त्रक्रिया याबाबत सोप्या मराठीत, सर्वसामान्यांना समजेल अशा भाषेत माहिती देणारे मराठीतील पहिलेच पुस्तक असावे. संग्रही ठेवावे असे.
Sangeeta Mhatre

This book penned by an experienced heart surgeon is an expert guided tour of the evolution of heart surgery from the times of ancient civilizations to modern times. A complex subject like heart surgery is demystified for laymen in simple language. The stories of talented and hardworking surgeons through the ages working for the cause of medical and technological innovation in this field are brought to life in the narrative. The photographs of the famous innovators and description of the medical cases makes for an involved reading experience. The book is systamatically divided in two parts with each of the chapters in the first part touching upon concisely on history, advancement, tools, techniques. The second part describes the famous doctors who dedicated their lives to medical advancement. Overall the book is a good read for anyone interested in the evolution of heart surgery as well as medical students. Thank you Dr Pathare and Dr Malshe.
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