The Wrath of Womb Goddess !
AMyth! A Mystery!
Authors: Vijay Pathare 
Category: Assorted Stories
Publication: BookGanga Prakashan
Pages: 328

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Summary of the Book
Ameer is an Archeologist /Excavator working for an American
Consortium, currently in North West Pakistan, exploring copper deposits in
Chitral's Timir Mir Mountain. Secretly, the White House wants him to explore the
area for Plutonium and Uranium deposits.
With the NSA/ CIA approval, he is invited across the Chinese border into Chinese
Turkestan as a consultant on a Chinese Excavation project. There the intrigue of
this mythical mystery begins. Unwittingly, he smuggles two ancient Manuscripts
back into Pakistan and feels compelled to go to Bamiyan, in Afghanistan, for their
interpretation by the local Buddhist priest. He sees the two 100 feet Buddha Statues
being destroyed by Taliban and ends up smuggling the priest out of Afghanistan, as
Taliban would behead him for worshiping Buddha. He takes him to Waziristan,
where his consortium is working on another excavation project and employs him.
As the US is considering its security risks in this Taliban stronghold, Ameer
returns to New York, where he is followed by unknown spies. He has left behind
one Manuscript for safekeeping with the Buddhist priest in Waziristan, while
carrying the other with him to New York. He does not know that a CIA agent had
attached electronic data to one of the Manuscripts.
Then comes 9/11.
Ameer was in his office at World Trade Center, North Tower, when a plane struck
the Tower...... Ameer sends an e-mail attachment of one Manuscript to his
daughter, before leaving the North Tower. and escaping the disaster. Their lives
are threatened by unknown assassins. Not knowing why, they decide to visit India
to find out what the ancient Manuscripts mean. To avoid being followed, his
daughter, Ruhi, decides to go to Mumbai via Atlanta. Ameer, though, first has to
go to Waziristan to close their excavation unit. He also needs to collect the second
manuscript to take to India.
The story journeys through various world-wide locations. Ameer and his daughter
risk their lives around the globe to solve the mystery of the manuscripts, as spies
and assassins follow them. The story also interconnects modern scientific
experiments and theories with the occult, shamanic practices, Tantrik rituals,
reincarnation of Goddess of Energy, Adithi, and establishment of Woman Power
on the eve of 12-21-2012 Mayan Doomsday Prophesy
NWF Provinces/ Pakistan
Chinese Turkestan
New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C.
Nairobi Mauritius
Delhi/ Agra/ Dharmshala
Florence, Italy
Tibet / Mansarovar
Grand Canyon
If converted into a motion picture, this story has the potential for creating, both, Hindi
and English versions. It is a thriller, a myth, a mystery filled with intrigue and
assassinations, Shamanism and Tantrism.
This is a fascinating book; well recommended.
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प्रमोद तेंडुलकर, कॅलिफोर्निया

The Wrath of Womb Goddess (आदि शक्तीचा कोप) हे पुस्तक माझ्या मते कथा संग्रहात न मोडता एक काल्पनिक कथानकात जास्त योग्य बसेल असे वाटते. कदाचित ती कादंबरीही होऊ शकेल. पुस्तकाच्या कथानकावरून एखादा सुंदर चित्रपटही काढता येईल असे म्हटले तर अतिशयोक्ती होणार नाही. संबंधित, योग्य व्यक्तीने याचा जरूर विचार करावा. प्रमोद तेंडुलकर
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