55 Stars for Happy Life
A Treasure of Precious Thoughts
Category: Motivational, Self Help
Pages: 142
Weight: 190 Gm
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 9789392803246
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Summary of the Book
55 Stars for Happy Life is a unique treasure of great thoughts which are creative and motivational to individuals.

The articles which are included in the book provide practical advice, useful for pursuing happy life. It is inspiring, interesting and enlightening in digital era.

To put in nutshell, the book reflects, simplicity, positivity and the inclusion of saying of great philosophers has made it worthy for readers. It widens vision of human beings.
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Om Waman Shendge

The book "55 Stars For Happy life" in the first article in the book is on prayer. I am happy and learnt lesson to keep faith. in God and Offer prayer daily for getting satisfaction. The book contains many thought provoking articles. Students will find interest in reading the book and will work hard for achieving success in their lives.
Khadke Akash villas

The book "55 Stars For Happy Life" is Storehouse of a valuable thoughts. I liked interesting articles namely--Worthy Goal,live food,Do Not Quit and Smart Student young persons Can get inspiration from the book for leading happy life.
Dharmraj Adhinath Gitte

The book "55 STARS FOR HAPPY LIFE" is intresting.it is treasure of valuable thoughts and it inspires Persons to do creative and productive work. The book is important espcially to students. They can learn and aquire ennovative thoughts in life. Students will give importants to do hard work and perform their duties. They will become intelligent and Smart students by adopting innovative methods for solving complicated problems.lastly students will able to widen their vision indigital era.🙏
Er Mangesh Gudsure

The Book is interesting and valuable to individuals for shaping their career and perform their duties. Author has told that The quality of a person is judged by his contributions to development of others. Thank you
Er Supriya Pawar

The Book 55STARS FOR HAPPPY LIFE is motivational to readers. Articles included in the book are thought provoking. Individual has to fix up worthy goal in his life. The is helpful for achieving worthy goal. Thank you
Er Ajay chinchansure

The book 55STARS FOR HAPPPY LIFE .contains interesting articles.It provides fund of knowledge to readers.A person can become virtuous and kind by practicing good thought expressed. In this book. The book inspire individuals to render selfless service to member of society. To serve others without expectation of any reward doesn't require a degree. Thank you sir. Thanks also to Book Ganga to publish such Best book for society.
Dr Santosh Lomte

I have read few articles from the book 55STARS FOR HAPPY LIFE.It provides a practical advice for pursuing happy life. Students will find good thoughts for building their career.Life is short hence one must learn how to live happy life. Thank you Dr Nakade sir for publishing such great book. Hatts of sir.
Yash Siddheshwar patil
01 Sep 2023 05 30 AM

This book is unique because in this book 55 different lessons. It is a treasure of precious thoughts. This book is inspiring for all.
Vhanale Ganesh Sambhaji
01 Sep 2023 05 30 AM

I have read articles from the book "55 Stars For Happy Life" they are intresting. we are living in digital era. New inventions are taking place in the field of technology.in the present scenario the book provides guiendence for leading happy life it insepires the students for achieving their worthy goals.I liked the book very much for it's simplicity.
Janhavi Bhujbal

It's really a treat for Latur pattern students who are always into the race of studies it's relieving giving boost to our morality It really motivated me and I didn't get bored while reading the book as the language was very simple and understandable. Thank you for such a wonderful book.


5/5 stars. Wonderful book. Made me contemplate life.
Estelle Tupe
09 Jul 2022 05 30 AM

Great tools for each topic to remind our new generation and remind us as well the way to succeed and to be happy in life. We are all part of change. Technology today is at its high peak but humanity is also the highest technology. We are the technology and our great potentials are all inside us. Dr. Shivraj B. Nakade enlightens it beautifully. A beautiful way to empower our humanity. My deepest gratitude to Dr. Shivraj B. Nakeda for all his work and research.
sanchita choubey
09 Jul 2022 05 30 AM

Well earned 55 stars for happy life. I thought this would be a goofy happiness book, but I was judging the book by its cover. It’s got readily practical, well researched tips, practices and ideas to make your life happy. You don’t even have to finish it to start practicing happiness.
09 Jun 2022 05 30 AM

Excellent book. Thought provoking. Gives a very optimistic view towards life
Nivedita Mishra
09 Jun 2022 05 30 AM

Science and Technology have provided tools to acquire immense power. Author has stated under the topic of Technology: "An engine of change that adoption and practice of new technologies are required to survive and lead a successful life in the global world". Presentation of thoughts on different topics is simple one.
Chaitanya mane
09 Jun 2022 05 30 AM

This book is the collection of most powerful quotes.
Alpesh jadhav
09 Jun 2022 05 30 AM

The book contains topics of common interest .It gives inspiration and motivation to realise meaning of one's own life achieve worthy goal .It is noteworthy for its novelty, brevity and simplicity.
Sanjay Jadhav
09 May 2022 05 30 AM

The Best book it teaches what is prayer,power of life, problem: an opportunity.
Anand Kapse
09 Jan 2022 05 30 AM

This is one of the Best book for readers . It is nothing but gift given By Dr Nakade sir to young generation for living Happy Life
Shubham Dadge

The book is very good for youngsters like me. It is written in simple lucid style. It is very important informative and good for general knowledge. Let the book inspired many more students like me.
Pankaj Pawar
08 Dec 2022 05 30 AM

The Best book it teaches what is prayer,power of life, problem: an opportunity.
Vishnu Tat
08 Dec 2022 05 30 AM

Sir i am verymuch thankful to you that you have written such great motivational book that inspire me.
Kunal Kore
08 Dec 2022 05 30 AM

Its versatile book it boos all sort of positive thoughts
Kishor Gungune
08 Dec 2022 05 30 AM

55 STARS is one of the best book that i found in my life.
Ravita Desai
08 Dec 2022 05 30 AM

The Best book i found in last decades.
08 Oct 2022 05 30 AM

shiv shetkar
08 Oct 2022 05 30 AM

I read this book and came to know how to behave in society also learnt what is mean by life
pawn jawalkar
08 Aug 2022 05 30 AM

The Best book, helps in boosting career with principles.
08 Aug 2022 05 30 AM

Rameshwar Sakhare

This book gives emmense knowledge about how t live happy life.
Kashinath Upase

The Best Book for youth
Abhijeet Kadam

Before reading this book i never thougt about how is life? how to live it. While reading this book i came to know about Happy Life. This is the best book.
Kavita Kale

This book has various hidden things of how to live life that we never seen before. So by reading this book i know how to live happy life.
Pranita Majge

This is the best book for all agegroup people. It teach us various aspects of how to live happy life.
Nilesh Birajdar

It is An opprtinity for youth to get such a great knowledge through this book. This is the best book for readers.
Jairaj Lakhadive

This book give knowledge of all aspects of life so it is useful for all kind of people.This is the best book.
Rushi Sankaye

The best book amongest other what i read before. It gives me a lot of knowledge.
Shivam Patil

Its best book written in simple manner and also printed in sofhisticated fashion.
Suresh Sangnur

Its too best book while reading this book i understand how to live happy life.
Abhinav tondchirkar

Its revolutionary book it bring the change in youth mind in terms of thoughts of happy life.

By reading this book i came to know ,In any circumstances person shouldnot quit from his goal. So its the best book for youth.
Vedant Kulkarni

This book teach me upto what extent we should give importance to money to live satisfied life.
kulkarni Vaishnavi

This is very best book , Great Leaders STAR of this book explore my leadership charactrerstics.
Swapnil Nagargoje
07 Sep 2022 05 30 AM

I am one of luckiest person who got the opportinity to read this book. This is the best book.
Sachin Wattamwar
07 Sep 2022 05 30 AM

Its great book .If you really want to live satisfied life then go through this book. .
Satish Ambulgekar
07 Sep 2022 05 30 AM

I like the chapter innovative ideas in this book this chapter motivate me .So thank you sir for writing such great topic in 55 STARS.
Mudkanna VijayKumar Sunil
07 Jul 2022 05 30 AM

'55 Stars for Happy Life' this book is just amazing and inspiration for students who doing Mpsc, Upsc, banking and also for college students ( bachelor's/Masters). My most favourite chapter from this book is 'Knowledge'. In this chapter these lines "Knowledge can not buy knowledge acquired from reading the books" is changed my mind and i get inspired. Guys, buy this book and must read it👍
shubhangi Kauthale
07 Jun 2022 05 30 AM

its great book i read it carefully out of 55stars. I seen 3 stars namely Mental piece,Anger and Life without ego are very useful for me.
Onkar Patil
07 Jun 2022 05 30 AM

It is the best book and topics Health,Innovative ideas ,simplicity teach alot. A book editor edit the content in a systematic manner.
Nagraj Kamble
07 Jun 2022 05 30 AM

♥ Quick Thoughts and Rating: 5 stars! I never read such great book of great thoughts.
shailesh darshanwad

wonderfull book for youth and new generation
Lohar prathmesh

best book for youth
Jadhav Pravin

best book.
Vivekanand Panchal

Right now i am in US since 4 years .I didnt read such great book since 4 years . Best book and Best Publisher
Amit Patil

Its one of the Best book that i read in my life.
Rahul Vyvhare

This book gives me immense pleasure through its stars.
Nagesh Halgare

I am industrialist this book boost my enthusiasm in my business.
Nishant Haranale

I am one of Bsc Student this book encourage me alot.
Rahul Sunpe

Best Book with easy language.Also appricate to publisher Book Ganga for better design.
Shripad Kusnurkar

This is perfect book for motivating.
Shivaji Jadhav

I adore this little book and I’m always using it to refer back too. I think this is a lovely little book for writers everywhere and highly recommend it!

This book is an inspiring book for everyone.It increases our positivity to make our life happy. The present generation is very sensitive, this book will help them to change their mindset by motivating them. This book gives guidelines about- The importance of prayers to overcome negativity and ego. Our duty with- hardwork, dedication ,learning, earning, yearning,sharing, caring , devotion and honesty will help to increase our happiness. So many such things are explained well in this book. This book is very useful for every one to improve the mindset and positivity. The Book Ganga Publications and it's team published this book nicely in artistic manner. Dr R.R.Tamboli Former Incharge Principal Maharashtra Udaygiri Mahavidyalaya, Udgir. District -Latur, Maharashtra.
Dr Sumant Deshpande

Book Gives great knowledge . I inspire myself while reading this book.
Poonam Chillarge

This book is combination of thoughts that covers all aspects of life.
Onkar Patil

I think this book would help youngsters to learn new things. I Thank to Dr Nakade Sir For writing such great book.
युवराज पाटील

I Yuvraj Patil Sinet Member of स्वामी रामानंद तीर्थ विद्यापीठ नांदेड appriciate to Dr .Nakade sir This Book is very useful for all kind of people,
Rekha Panchal

It is the Best book for human.It explain how to live a life. Book Ganga Also edited and created Best स्क्रिप्ट. This Book is handy.
Shaikh Sharfodin Maulasab

Inspiring Book
Vishnu Vitthalrao Banapure

Best book for youth.

The book teach me about world governament also teach me how to live a life . Thank you to Dr. S.B.Nakade sir

I just loved the book , it inspire me to a great extent I will always thank to Dr Nakade sir for inspiring me....
Dr Nanasaheb Mahadev Halgare

I hope this book is best suited for reading for teenagers and youths.In this book, there is something that everybody can extract from and worthy of being read by every Indian. A very detailed description of how great things can be achieved through simple thoughts.
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